Sushant Singh Rajput foils reports of being verbally abused by Ankita Lokhande

Mumbai: Reports of celebrity couple Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande parting ways has been doing rounds for quite some time now; however an official confirmation on the same came after Sushant took to Twitter to reveal his separation from Ankita. Well, the couple is no longer together and separated 6 years after their relationship! As of now, rumors are that Sushant separated from Ankita because of her abusive attitude!

As per reports of a leading site the two engaged into a spat at a filmmaker’s place where Sushant was spotted getting too close to other female celebs whereas Ankita was seen in a drunken state. Confirming the same, a source close to the development said, “It was one helluva fight, very ugly, very crass. The two just didn’t stop, especially Ankita whose temper had hit the ceiling.”

The source added that both of them were quite drunk and seeing Sushant getting close to a female celeb, Ankita walked up and abused him amidst so many people.

However, the rumor was foiled by Sushant who took to Twitter and lashed out at a daily which published the news. His tweet read, “Truth -Your Source Was getting close 2himself, didn’t like it,got drunk&then abused himself 4being close 2himself:)”