Sushma Swaraj comes to rescue of man going on honeymoon without wife

New Delhi: Few ministers in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet are quite active especially when it comes to someone’s rescue. One of them is the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj who recently helped an Indian travelling on his honeymoon without his wife.

As per reports, a man named Faizan Patel who was to go on a honeymoon to Europe with his wifey, had to go alone as her passport went missing. Like any other person who might have called off the trip at this situation, Faizan went ahead with it and decided to go alone, leaving his wife in India.

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However, Faizan did something smart which saw Sushma coming to his rescue. He clicked picture of him seated on a plane with his wife photo stuck on the seta just next to him. He then shared the picture on Twitter seeking help of Sushma. Following which came as assurance from Sushma who said that his wife would soon be with him on the next seat.

Thanking Sushma over the same, Faizan wrote: