Tendulkar urges fan to truly support women’s cricket team

Photo of former Indian skipper Sachin Tendulkar.

New Delhi: Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar today urged all the cricket fans to sincerely support women’s cricket team and wished all the best to all the countries participating in the forthcoming Women’s World Cup qualifier which will start from February 7.
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The cricket legend wrote in a column for the International Cricket Council, “I wish all the teams the very best for the ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifiers and would urge all of you to wholeheartedly support women’s cricket, for the sake of cricket.”

Sachin believes that the growth and encouragement of women’s cricket will make the country step forward to the gender equality and rights. He went on to say that: “The women cricketers have caught the fancy of cricket aficionados around the world with stellar performances and have increased their audience.”
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The former captain of the Indian cricket team further went on to say that: “They have spawned interest in young girls to play the sport and also helping generate a larger following for the game at a time when the game is seeking to expand its footprint globally and become relevant in non-cricket playing countries.”
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It seems that the former Indian skipper is fully in support of the women’s cricket team and wants all the cricket fans to promote and uplift women in the field of sports.

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Therefore, he further added, “While gender bias has been the bane of many aspects of the world, the sports narrative seems to be different. It is heartening to see that cricket is making strides in helping women occupy their pride of place in the annals of cricketing history.”

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