Why terrorist was not captured alive, Congress asks Centre

Photo of the suspected ISIS terrorist Saifullah.

Uttar Pradesh: A day after a suspected ISIS terrorist was shot dead in Uttar Pradesh; the Congress Party slammed the security management of the centre and voiced the question as to why the terrorist was not captured alive.

Congress leader Tom Vadakkan criticized the centre security management and stated that our only point is that if the terrorist would have been detained alive then he could have been investigated about his links and roots.

While talking to the media, Tom went on to say: “Our issue is why was he not captured alive? If he was alive, then he could have been interrogated and his links could have been established, that is one of the primary issues we are asking questions on.”

He also slammed Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan asking him as from where did he get such detailed information about the terrorist and sarcastically asked him to join intelligence agency if he can handle such serious issues alone even without consulting the Prime Minister.

Tom further went on to say: “Then the other issue is the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. He seems to know everything even the presence of ISI in his own state and their connection with some office bearer of the BJP. From where he got all these information and second, why the Prime Minister was not taken into confidence, why was he not briefed about it.”

Additional Director General of the Uttar Pradesh Police Daljeet Chaudhary stated after killing the terrorist successfully went on to say that the young boy was self-radicalized and was influenced by ‘literature’.

Chaudhary stated: “These days, people self-radicalise themselves. They read their literature and come under its influence. Also, they follow social media for the same,” Chaudhary told the media. The police recovered eight pistols, three passports, more than 600 cartridges, bomb-making instruments, timers, wires, compass etc. “45 grams gold and foreign currency was also recovered.”

While explaining the incident to the media, Daljeet further went on to say: “The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) accompanied by civil police completed the operation. When we reached the spot, the self-proclaimed, self-radicalised ISIS youth locked up him inside the building and started talking about martyrdom.”

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