T’gana govt urged Sushma to help save 29 workers held captive in Saudi

Sushma Swaraj

New Delhi: The Telangana government today requested External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to help rescue 29 workers from the state held captive by the employer in Saudi Arabia.

Telangana NRI Affairs Minister KT Rama Rao said in a letter to Sushma in which he wrote, “However, in the meantime, the said company has taken all the 29 employees into their custody and is holding them captive in a room at Allsafaniya Kouqt, Bodar, city Kanji, Saudi Arabia, denying them food/water or medicines and other basic amenities for the last 12 days.”

Further explaining the matter, he also informed that the captive employees sought to leave for their respective hometowns but the company demanded USD 50,000 each to allow them.

The company even refused to give any travelling expenses while the employees approached a court for justice and got a decision in their favor, but they were being “held captive” by the employer.

Rao further wrote, “The Amir Court issued directions to the employer company to bear all expenses and send the said 29 employees to their native places within 3 days. Having full faith in the alacrity of your response, for which your Hon’ble authority is known, I reiterate my request, for immediate intervention, on humanitarian grounds to save the lives of 29 migrants from the state of Telangana.”

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