Thakurganj Encounter: ATS recover ISIS Flag, pistols, explosives near Saifullah’s body

Thakurganj Encounter: ATS recover ISIS Flag, pistols, explosives near Saifullah's body

A 12 hour operation came to an end yesterday night after ATS captured the terror suspect Saifullah’s body from the spot in Thakurganj around 3 am last night. There are assumptions that terror suspect was a part of a group that was setting up a major terror attack in Uttar Pradesh.

There were all efforts made to catch hold of him alive so as to get the maximum information regarding their future plans and but it was not possible as the terror suspect denied to surrender even after several efforts by the officials present at the spot.

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Accused was hiding at the outskirts of Lucknow in Hazi Colony of Thakurganj area. Saifullah’s body was captured after the Anti-Terror Squad blew up a wall to enter the house.

According to the information shared by the police, Saifullah was an active member of the terror group ISIS and was supposed to be involved in a train blast that took place yesterday in Madhya Pradesh.

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Earlier, police and the ATS thought that there were two terrorists present at the spot but later it was made clear that Saifullah was the only one present there when cameras were pushed in from the holes made by cutting the wall of the room.

Anti-Terror Squad officer Aseem Arun stated that despite several efforts of negotiation with the suspect to get him to surrender, things were the same and he denied to surrender. Officials even got him to speak to his brother but nothing worked.

The operation got stretched till dawn due to the fact that ATS was working hard to catch hold of him alive by throwing in the chilli bombs to draw him out.

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Among the things that were recovered near Saifullah’s body, there were eight pistols, lots of ammunitions, 50 fired rounds and there were explosives, gold, cash, passports, SIM cards were also recovered from the house.

Anti-Terror Squad Officer Aseem Arun also said that a train time table was also found along with the body and the danger has been averted.