The whole intrigue of Dera Sacha Sauda

Chandigarh: Behind Bollywood scenes stretching the limits of imagination and the garish costumes of its head, lies the whole canvas of Dera Sacha Sauda, which pretty much follows the secrecy guidelines that bring to mind the Law of Omerta – the code of honour followed by the Italian mafia.

Point to be noted here is that the initiation into the Dera and its rules of secrecy happen simultaneously. With followers asked to guard the “naam” or mantra given to them all their life.

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“Followers are baptised with `Jaam-e-insaan’. That is when they take a pledge to follow 47 rules, one of which includes sacrificing their lives for the guru when the need arises. The `MSG Green S Welfare Force,’ which is said to be engaged in welfare activities, is trained by former Army men. Sadhvis are trained in stone-pelting and during times of violence, they used to carry a truckload of stones,” pointed out Varinder Bhatia, who worked with slain journalist Ram Chandra Chattrapati.

According to the sources, dera chief travels in a cavalcade of identical vehicles, with the same number and no one knows which one he occupies. Also, there are multiple routes to his “gufa,” the sanctum sanctorum for followers.

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The pivotal factor here is that not all followers themselves know much of the inner working of the Dera they pledge their lives to. There is a core committee which has decision making powers, but no one knows about the identity or number of its members – almost like a secret brotherhood of sorts. Still, they manage to relay messages across their network in no time.

Committee members are appointed at the district and state level and the dera also has a separate political wing.
“The political wing comprises 25 members at the district level and the state-level committee remains in touch with them. There are over 250 members in the state.The political wing spreads messages among other members and all bhangidases, or block and village heads,” said a follower on condition of anonymity . 

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