These Lamani’s should be stopped from coming to Goa: Manohar Ajgaonkar

Photo of the Tourism Minister of Goa, Manokar Ajgaonkar.

New Delhi: Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar today stated that the Lamanis should be stopped from coming to Goa because they defame the status of Goa and do not fit into the coastal state’s culture. Lamanis are basically the members of a nomadic tribe mostly belonging from Karnataka.

He also claimed that the police officers who are involved in selling of drugs should also be suspended immediately because they are drawn in the drug trade.

While talking to the media and promising that his ministry would take strict action against Lamanis involved in illegal trade, Ajgaonkar went on to say: “Outsiders who can uphold ‘Goenkarponn’ (Goanness) should be allowed to stay, the rest should be chased away. Goa’s culture and ‘Goenkarponn’ should be retained. These Lamani’s should be stopped (from coming to Goa). A wrong message is sent because of them and the reputation of Goans is spoilt. This has to be done.”

Lamanis, known for their colourful costumes are involved in the seasonal tourism trade, selling trinkets and handmade clothes along the coastline to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who frequent the coastal state.

After taking over as Chief Minister last month, Manohar Parrikar said that ‘Goenkarponn’ would be the cornerstone of his government’s policies and governance.

Ajgaonkar also said that drugs cannot be sold in Goa, if the police decide to crackdown on it and alleged complicity of the police personnel in the trade.

“Our officers know how the drugs are coming in or there cannot be a drugs business. Everyone who deals with this is connected. I am telling the CM that wherever drugs are found, the concerned officer should be suspended. Only this way we can find a way out of this,” he said.

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