This is insane!! Swami Om urinates openly in a jug: Bigg Boss 10 insider

Mumbai: Another shocker for the viewers as the commoner Swami Omji managed to urinate openly in the kitchen area during a task given by Bigg Boss. Swamiji is doing all the unexpected things just to receive footage but this was something shocking for all the contestants and the audience out there.

Being a common man he is giving a tough competition to all the housemates and the viewers love his funny side as well as other sides which he only brings up during the tasks.

The self-obsessed Swami crossed his limits when he peed in a jug openly in front of all the house members’ during a task named BB taxi stand where Manveer and Bani are the taxi drivers who has to take the other housemates from one place to another by charging appropriate fees and Priyanka will play the role of the traffic police in the task.

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Each contestant are given 2000 points to spend on the taxi charges and for fines/toll to the traffic police while the taxi drivers can charge whatever money they want. But the participants have the freedom to bargain with the drivers in order to save points.

On the other hand, when Omji asked the taxi drivers to drop him from one place to another but the drivers denied from doing so because Swamiji refused to pay the amount demanded by the drivers Manveer and Bani. After saying no to Om Swami, he shamelessly peed in a jug in the kitchen area and after this the contestants were very angry and upset with Omji and Manveer even tries to hit him but others stop him from doing any violence.

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