Those discouraging note ban are promoters of black money, will face problems: Shah

Photo of the President of Bhartiya Janta Party Amit Shah.

New Delhi: The President of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Amit Shah today raised certain issues while talking at a program ‘Agenda’ conducted by electronic media channel. When questioned by a senior journalist about the big move of note ban (demonetization) and the politicians opposing the move, Shah went on to say that those who are discouraging demonetization and are opposing it are the promoters of black money and will face problems in the future.

Although he agreed with the fact that people are facing problems by standing in long queue for hours outside the banks and ATMs but Shah also assured that this problem will not last for long and this is for the benefit of all those who are honest and this will also benefit the country and will put an end to the black money within some time.

Later when asked about the surgical strike that, even after the surgical strike Pakistan has attacked the Indian soldiers more than 20 times so was there a big change subsequent to the strike to boast off about? To which Shah answered: “Initially other army officials planned the surgical strikes but this is the first time that a surgical strike is planned by a political party and this was only possible under the guidance of the BJP party.”

Coming back to the note ban issue, when asked to give his views on Mayawati’s statement calling it a financial emergency, Shah further went on to say that: “Mayawati had said it is a financial emergency, indeed it is only for Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).” He also said note ban will bring a massive change in the financial condition of the country and stated “the poor will not remain poor now, it is for their benefit and that we will witness a big change in less time.”

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Shah added further: “Either black money kept in houses will be a piece of paper or it will be done white through banks and the tax collected will be of national use or for the benefit of the country.”

By:- Prishita Rathi

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