Here are three easy tricks to pack your jewellery while travelling!

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Travelling is obviously a great fun to all of us but packing your valuable jewellery carefully in such a way that they don’t break or lose can be tiresome. But there are few easy tricks to follow that can save your time as well as keep your jewellery safe.

Three easy ways to pack your jewellery:-

1.Soft towels: Soft towels are useful as you can safely place your valuable jewellery in between and then wrap the soft towel and tie the end of the towel with hair ties.

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2.Tin Boxes with cotton balls: The small tin boxes that are useless can be efficiently used to place your small pendants, earrings and rings in between the cotton balls in order to prevent them from breaking.

3. Buttons: Extra buttons can be made useful by using them to hang small earrings and studs and they can be put in a small box or zip pouches.

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