Thriller that touches your heart (31st October- Movie Review)

Mumbai: A thriller that touches your heart and forces you to think about both the negative and positive effect of the anti-sikh riots in 1984. The story starts on a normal note wherein Devandra Singh is ready to leave for his daily humdrum in his office; he working for Delhi Electric Supply Undertaking [DESU]. He was unknown of the fact that things will not remain the same in next 10 minutes.

The movie revolves around a date which brought destruction and thereafter changed everything. 31st October was the black day for all the Sikhs who lived in Tilak Nagar in Delhi. The burnt capital was in its own anger after the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was murdered by her Sikh bodyguards Beant Singh and Satwan Singh.

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The estimate of the people who lost their life was around 2,500 but is believed to be three times more than that of the assumed number. As the movie moves on, the tension level reaches to its peak in the community in Tilak Nagar where Devendra [Vir Das] and his wife Tejinder [Soha Ali] lives and the killing starts by afternoon. It’s havoc as rioters are catching up the Sikh in a way which is beyond one’s imagination. Tilak Nagar is an obvious target because of its dense Sikh population and consists of helpless middle class families.

Devendra has friends like Pal (Deepraj Rana), Yogesh (Lakhwinder) and Tilak (Vineet Sharma), who helped him rescue from their and give him shelter at their place where his family could be safe. But will this work?

The film has not been able to set a yardstick but has somehow managed to create an atmosphere of fear and tension. The suspense is predictable which makes the movie lose its essence of being a thriller.

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By- Prishita Rathi