Tight Vigil at LoC, as anniversary of surgical strikes comes closer

New Delhi: As the first anniversary of surgical strikes comes closer, there is not much of a surprise that the tension on the line of control (LoC) is palpable and the vigil tight. The soldiers of 4/1 Gorkha Rifles posted at Nowgam sector, which looks deep into the Leepa Valley in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, have their fingers firmly on the trigger.

“The orders are very clear. Everyone is supposed to maintain a 24×7 vigil and anyone attempting infiltration will be engaged and eliminated. Any Pakistani post trying to push through terrorists into our territory will be destroyed,” pointed out a senior Army officer .

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“Our surveillance capabilities have improved significantly in the last few years with the inclusion of radars and sensors which help us monitor our area of responsibility very effectively and more accurately,” Pun said.

Talking about the LoC, the Pakistan Army posts are nearby but not much activity could be seen there. Indian troops also maintain a low profile while moving outside their bunkers.

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Intelligence inputs have suggested that Pakistan may try to avenge the killings of its soldiers by India.

“Quick punitive action is taken in case Pakistanis violate ceasefire by firing at our posts, often to provide cover for terrorists trying to infiltrate. The action is so severe that it becomes difficult for the opposite posts to operate for a long time to come,” said an officer posted on the LoC.


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