Time for Narendra Modi to speak up

New Delhi: Narendra Modi is pretty much ready to address the nation on the occasion of 71st Independence Day of India tomorrow.

PM Modi will hoist the National Flag from the Red Fort ramparts for the fourth time.

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In an attempt to make his address to the nation as special, he had invited suggestions from the public regarding issues he should cover in his speech.

He has already announced that he would give his 100 percent in minimizing the total time of his speech too.

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So many people have come up with interesting recommendations for the Narendra Modi to talk about.

On mygov.in website, more than 12,000 people have reacted to PM Modi’s request.

Below are few interesting suggestions shared by the citizens:

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1. Vidhya Peddireddy: We are working in IT industry and we do not have any other income other than Salary. It will be great if we get an option of including expenses of the family instead of individual tax filing.

2. Paresh Desai: The amount of benefits and facilities given to Ministers should be stopped. They don’t deserve it.

3. Aezun Ram Bose: Girls don’t need reservation, give us safety, freedom.

4. Sanjeev Krishnan: We can have a student parliament in Bharath. As said by our beloved former President Abdul Kalam ji, students and youngsters are the only force who have the potential to make Bharath a developed nation by 2020.

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5. Dr. V. S. Mishra: I would like you to clarify your comments on “Gau Rakshaks”. After your comment, corrupt police personnel are using your comments to harass and book false cases against genuine animal lovers and AWBI officers who inform/complain to them about illegal trafficking and slaughter of cattle.