Tips to keep skin infection-free during monsoons

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Monsoon is the most beautiful amongst all other seasons but besides its beauty, it brings a lot of skin problems that makes your behavior annoying and irritating.

Here are some ways to let you know, how to keep your skin free from infections:

1) During monsoons, the body secretes excessive oil due to humidity which makes it itchy and causes many skin and hair problems including fungal and bacterial infections. However, in such case one must essentially visit dermatologist even in case of minor skin issue as they would be able to cure it faster with a medical solution.

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2) During this season, excessive sweating and dehydration increases the risk of getting infected. So, people must always carry umbrella while going out.

3) Use anti-fungal products to avoid further skin infections.

4) Try to keep your skin dry by not wearing wet clothes or shoes.

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5) Take shower if your skin sweats a lot and wash your face at least thrice a day.

By:- Palak Bajpai

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