Top TV stars paid more than Bollywood celebs

Photo of Indian television actress Divyanka Tirpathi.

Mumbai: Television is rapidly growing medium which has a huge fraction of dedicated fans. Be it vast budget of production or cheering wages of TV stars, which shows that television is now no more a smaller screen.

Gone are the days when television was considered comparatively inferior medium than Bollywood, today gives tough competition in every aspect to the celebrities of Hindi film industry.

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Television stars work in more intense condition than their counterparts in Bollywood. But question arises whether they deserve to get such a high amount which they demand?

As they comparatively work more days in hard conditions and continue to do same role for over decades so their hard work cannot be neglected.

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Indian television serials is favorite amongst masses especially in women and ratings of daily sops are touching sky, so don’t get shock after knowing wages of actors behind success of television screen.

Here is the list of some highly paid television actors and actress. Surely, you will get overwhelmed after knowing earnings they get but do remember it’s their per day earning.

• Divyanka Tripathi:- Serial’s favourite bahu and our beloved Ishita or Ishi Maa aka Divyanka Tripathi gets Rs 80,000-1 lakh per episode.

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• Hina Khan: Who plays character of Akshara in ‘Ye Rishta Kya khelata Hai’ is one of the highest paid celebrity of television and earns a whooping amount of Rs 1 lakh to 1.25 lakh per episode.

• Karan Patel:- Raman Bhalla character popular amongst everyone played by Kran Patel who also hosted episodes of Gumrah. He is lead in ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ gets Rs 1 lakh -1.25 lakh per episode.

• Ankita Lokhande:- Absent from screen since a long time but she managed to be in news due to her relations with Shushant Singh Rajput Ankita Lokhande starrer ‘Pavitr Rishta’ demands anywhere between Rs 90,000- 1.5 lakh per episode.

• Ronit Roy:- He is an actor who is jewel in term of experience and also seen in bollywood movies. He manages both the screen very well and is Ekta kapoor’s favorite actors and he is paid Rs 1.25 lakh per episode. He do have policy of working for just 15 days in a month.

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• Sakshi Tanwar:- Once Blaji most favorite Bahu Parvati aka Sakshi Tanwar who had currently seen in ’24 Season 2’ episodes and will be playing role of Aamir Khan’s wife in ‘Dangal’ gets Rs. 80,000 approx per episode for television.

• Ram Kapoor:- Ram Kpoor who is popular for his role in ‘Bade Acche Lagty Hai’ and he is paid Rs. 1.25 lakh per episode. He also works for 15 days rest days he gave time to movies and family.

• Mohit Raina:- Lord Siva of television Mohit Raina is very popular amongst audience for his dynamic role in ‘Devo ke dev’. He is also seen playing Samrat Ashok for which he receives Rs. 1 lakh per episode.

• Shivaji Satham:- “Kuch to gardbad hai, Daya…” All you have to do to listen this dialougue from ACP Praduman aka Shivaji Satham on CID is to pay Rs 1 lakh per episode. He is totally deserves as he is the reason behind success of this series.

• Mishal Raheja:- Mishal is one of the highest paid actors in television. He was seen as Dtta bhau in ‘Lagi tujhse lagan’ and currently was seen as Viplav in ‘Ishq ka Rang Safed’ confidently demands Rs. 1.6 lakh per episode.

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So next time you watch a television serial do remember the amount of these actors/actress of daily sops gets for per episode and even you can also desire to get in the profession of acting.

(Note:- Story by Ila Kazmi)