Toxic Chemicals on Mars’s surface may hamper habitability

Toxic Chemicals on Mars

The surface of red planet ‘Mars’ is toxic to contain any life as recent research claims that there are toxic materials present in abundance that may hamper habitability. According to recent study, surface of Mars is layered with toxic cocktail of chemicals that can wipe out living organisms.

A recent study investigated the behaviour of chemical compounds, called perchlorates, which are found on the surface of Mars. When these chemicals are exposed to UV rays they kill bacteria commonly carried by spacecraft.

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“Our findings have important implications for the possible contamination of Mars with bacteria and other materials from space missions,” said one of the researchers.

Speculations are high that these chemicals directly affect the habitability of the planet, since their discovery several years ago. Researchers investigated the potential reactivity of perchlorates and their effect on Bacillus subtilis, bacteria which is commonly found in soil and rocks.

By- Ayush Tiwari

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