A traitor can’t be our son, will not accept his dead body: Terrorist Saifullah’s Father

Photo of terrorist Saifullah's father Sartaj.

Uttar Pradesh: Saifullah, the young boy shot dead in an anti-terror operation near Lucknow yesterday but his father identified as Sartaj refused to take the dead body and said that a traitor cannot be our son.

Sartaj stated that his family live in India since many years and all of them are Indians and the one who supports anti-national activities cannot be his son.

While talking to the media and ensuring that he had no idea about his son’s anti-national activities, Sartaj went on to say: “A traitor can’t be our son. We are Indians, we were born here, our forefathers were born here. One who indulges in anti-national activities can’t be our son… we won’t accept his body.”

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