Triple Talaq is ‘out’

New Delhi: “It is about all my sisters across the country, it is about future generations,” pointed out Arshad Ali, brother of Shayara Bano, one of the petitioners in the Triple Talaq case.

Finally, one can say that the future has been spelled out after so much deliberations. Lots have been discussed and debated over the Triple Talaq case.

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In May, bigwigs came into the picture at the Supreme Court’s hearing comprising of a multi-religious bench.

With the Chief Justice himself part of it, there was statements from eminent lawyers such as Indira Jaisingh, Kapil Sibal, Salman Khurshid and Anand Grover amongst others. Finally, the historic judgment is in. And instant Triple Talaq is out.

At the outset, Chief Justice of India JS Khehar asked the question whether ‘triple talaq’ was fundamental to Islam.

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Next day, Justice Kurian Joseph asked, “Can something which is considered abhorrent by religion be validated by law?” These questions set the right tone and in itself answered many others.

If one is to really read the Quran we would know that although the right to divorce or talaq is given, it is also considered the most despicable of things in the eyes of God. At the same time, the Quran does recognize the need of a procedure for divorce if a marriage falls apart for any reason.

Point to be noted here is that this so-called ‘instant Triple Talaq’ has been done away in number of countries where Islamic law prevails.

Assailing the Triple Talaq routine, senior counsel Indira Jaising said at the time of hearing that if the free informed consent of the woman was imperative for the union of two people in marriage, then how the unilateral act of divorce could survive.

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It is now up to Muslim women to also ‘save’ the community’s image and move forward in a positive way.