Troubled days ahead for Mayawati

BSP Chief Mayawati during talk to media at the parliament in new Delhi n Tuesday Express photo by Prem nath Pandey 18 july 17

Lucknow: In what can be termed as a pivotal indicator of major change in the Dalit politics of UP, as many as 16 outfits of Dalits, Muslims and OBCs, led mostly by former leaders of the BSP has come up with a plan of action to “oust Mayawati”.

These outfits, brought by Mayawati’s former lieutenant Naseemuddin Siddiqui, formed a National Bahujan Alliance.

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Mayawati, who resigned from Rajya Sabha In July saying she was not being allowed to speak on atrocities against Dalits, had get rid of Siddiqui from the party after suffering humiliating defeat in UP Assembly polls.

With no member in Lok Sabha and just 19 MLAs in UP, and with virtually no possibility of re-election to Rajya Sabha, the chances of Mayawati playing an important part in national politics has reduced drastically.

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For so many years, Mayawati has been the fulcrum of Dalit politics in the state, but with her decline a huge Dalit vote is up for grabs.



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