Troubled days ahead for Vikas Barala

CHANDIGARH: Son of Haryana BJP President, Vikas Barala has been summoned by the police regarding charges that he stalked a woman.

Initial signs are that he faces arrest if he doesn’t appear before the police.

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According to Chandigarh police, they have enough evidence against Vikas in this case and the probe would be done in a transparent manner.

Vikas is missing since he and his friend Ashish were arrested by a police patrol team and let off on bail four days back.

It is pretty much established that both Vikas and Ashish were chasing her car.

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Meanwhile, a police notice was pasted outside the house of Barala when no one accepted it.

Varnika Kundu, a 29-year-old DJ, has alleged that Vikas Barala and Ashish – both law graduates – tailgated her, blocked her way and banged on her car window.

Haryana BJP President resignation has been ruled out by the party, saying that he has no involvement in the case.

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