Twelve-year-old denied medical help in Kanpur dies on father’s shoulder

Kanpur: In yet another shocking incident, a minor died on his father’s shoulder after he was refused timely medical treatment at the various hospitals in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This incident brings to limelight the condition of the hospitals here.

As per reports, the incident took place on August 26 when Ansh was admitted to the hospital after he reported of high fever. After being treated at a private hospital, Ansh’s father took him to the Hallet hospital where the doctors asked him to take Ansh to the children’s ward but by the time the 12-year-old reached here, the boy died.

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Talking about his plight, Ansh’s father said, “My son had high fever… He was studying in the class sixth. He was very good at his studies. Doctors at the children’s ward told me had I arrived 10 minutes before, my son would have been saved.”

He added, “It is negligence on the part of the Hallet Hospital. They did not provide treatment to my son. They didn’t even provide me a stretcher. I was running from here to there carrying my son on my shoulder.”

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