Twitter account of liquor baron Vijay Mallya hacked

Vijay Mallya, Scotland Yard
Vijay Mallya arrested in London by Scotland Yard

New Delhi: More than 5.51 million followers of liquor baron Vijay Mallya today received abusive and embarrassing tweets after his official Twitter handle was hacked today morning.

A cracker group or individual named ‘Legion’ had supposedly hacked the account, the same group was named few days back when they hacked the twitter handler of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

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“My account has been hacked by some one called Legion who are tweeting now in my name. Simply ignore. Will fix this,” Mallya tweeted in between the tweets by the Legion.

“Outfit called Legion has hacked my e-mail accounts and are blackmailing me!! What a joke,” Mallya tweeted.

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