Twitterati slams sexiest remark of a guy, termed period pain as a myth

Recently a guy on Twitter sparked a new controversy by calling menstrual pain a myth, after his controversial remark he was trolled on micro blogging site Twitter. His comment created uproar on social media within seconds and it did not go well with the women, who bear menstrual pain every month.

A Twitter user @goldenconceptng wrote a tweet, “What is worse than a broken heart?” To which a woman replied, “Menstrual pain, homelessness, hunger, etc.” Within few seconds the comment of the woman went viral to which the guy responded, “As a guy, I think menstrual pain is a myth.”

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His insensitive comment was severely criticized on social media as one of the users Rilwan Balogun, questioned him: “So you really think you can just be bleeding and it won’t be at least a little bit painful? Straight bleeding for 5 days?”

Period pain is termed as ‘dysmenorrhea’, and according to Gynecologists more than half of the women experience immense pain for at least one or two days during the menstrual cycle.

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