Ukraine actress Natasha Blasick claims to have sex with ghost!

Photo of Ukraine born Hollywood actress Natasha Blasick.

New Delhi: In weird and shocking news a Ukraine born Hollywood actress Natasha Blasick who was a part of ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ movie claimed that had sex with ghost for two times in recent past.

The Russian-born dark complexion actress claimed to have experienced ghostly rape on two occasions and she hopes that her spectral lover will return again.

Natasha Blasick made the spirited confession Tuesday morning on British TV show This Morning and said she found the experiences “really, really pleasurable.”

She claimed that the first time she experienced forced sex when she was all alone at her home and felt an invisible force push her down on her bed and force him on the top of her.

She said, “I felt something entered in her room. I couldn’t see anybody. Suddenly I felt that someone touching me.”

“Their hands were pushing me against my will and then I could feel the weight of their body on top of me but I couldn’t see anybody.”

“At first I was very confused then I decided to relax and it was really pleasurable, I really enjoyed it.”

She added: “I enjoyed it, I couldn’t see anybody but I could feel the pressure, the energy, the warmth pushing in different directions.”

Although Blasick is married, she said her ghost sex antics have given her something more than traditional nookie ever could.
The former model turned Mrs World Pageant competitor believes in spectrophilia-supernatural sex.

It became one of the biggest supernatural sex cases ever researched after Bither claimed multiple spectral rapes.