Uphaar Cinema tragedy: Gopal Ansal given one year jail by Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today sentenced Gopal Ansal to one year jail while reviewing its 2015 judgment regarding the Uphaar fire tragedy that took place back in the year 1997.

Gopal Ansal has been given the time of four weeks to surrender by the Supreme Court. Ansal beforehand has served four months of his four year sentence, which was later commuted.

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Gopal Ansal will now serve the remainder of the sentence which is six months. While on the other hand, Sushil Ansal has been given a sigh of relief by the court citing his old age.

Neelam Krishnamoorthy of AVUT Association of the Victims of Uphaar Tragedy stated: “Extremely disappointed, biggest mistake in my life was coming to court. Lost faith in judiciary. Have been let down very badly,a futile exercise. Rich and powerful enjoy special powers.”

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The incident took place in the year 1997 in which 59 people lost their lives in the fire accident at Uphaar cinema and there was a fine of Rs 30 crore levied on the Ansal brothers by the court as compensation to the families of victims.