UP’s sees 1,012 cases of rape in last 5 months

Crime has been the main issue of concern in Uttar Pradesh under the Samajwadi Regime in the last few years and the data released today has made the condition even worse for the Akhilesh Government to think twice about the crime control in UP ahead of the assembly polls that will take place after few months.

The state government today stated that there has been as many as 1,012 cases of rapes and 4,520 of harassment of women have been registered in Uttar Pradesh in the past five months.

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In the written reply to question by BJP member Satish Mahana, the government said: “From Mar 15, 2016 to Aug 18 this month, 1,012 cases of rapes, 4,520 cases of women harassment, 1,386 of loot and 86 cases of dacoity have been reported in the state.”

However, backing up the situation they said that for effective check on such crimes, crime branch has been constituted in every district under additional SP (crime).

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