US give Pakistan a month’s time to avail F-16 fighter jets deal

US President Barack Obama’s administration have cleared the Islamabad authorities that it has to release national funds to avail eight F-16 at an estimated cost of $700 million. US gave one month deadline to Pakistan to crack the fighter jets deal.

The key Congress members have raised objections over providing subsidies to Pakistan in the purchase of F16s fighter jets. It is not in the favor of using American tax payer’s money to provide financial backing to Pakistan as the country is not taking any tangible action against the Haqqani network.

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Sources say that US has told Pakistan that if it fails to reply back to it under the deadline, the cost of the F16s would be hiked after it.

Meanwhile, reports say that Pakistani is unwilling to buy F-16 fighter jets at its full price as being told by the US.

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