US warships strike Yemen in self defence

Washington; Three US warships today fired cruise missiles at a radar installations in Yemen in “self defence”, that the Pentagon claimed was used by Yemeni insurgents to target another American warship earlier.

According to the information given by the official, US warship targetted the three sites in Houthi-controlled territory that were located in remote areas, where there was little risk of civilian casualties or collateral damage.

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The USS Mason warship in the Red Sea was targeted by two missile attacks, CNN reported. The missile, however, missed the warship and landed in water. The USS Mason was fired on again on Wednesday while conducting routine operations in international waters, according to the Pentagon.

“There was no damage to the ship or its crew. USS Mason will continue its operations.” “The ship employed defensive countermeasures, and the missile did not reach USS Mason,” Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said about Wednesday’s incident.

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