Uttarakhand Floor Test: Rawat claims majority, SC to declare results tommorrow

Dehradun: On Tuesday, the MLAs of the Uttarakhand Assembly went for the floor test which hints former Chief Minister Harish Rawat led-Congress’ majority in the state. The 9 rebel MLAs were not allowed to take part in the floor test. Also, the results will be announced officially by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Initially, media reports suggest that in the floor test, Rawat has survived by getting majority in the 70-member Assembly. Voting took place inside the Assembly by raising hands and the votes have been sealed in an envelope which will be opened by the Supreme Court tomorrow.

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Post the floor test, Rawat said, “Confident of winning majority. Not appropriate to comment on number of votes before Supreme Court’s announcement.”

On the other hand, BJP has alleged that Congress had bribed the 12 MLAs to attain majority in the floor test.

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Rawat added, “I also thank the honourable SC and democratic forces who supported us to defeat BJP. Uttarakhand will be victorious tomorrow. I thank the divine powers for their blessings and the people of Uttarakhand for their unflinching support: Harish Rawat after floor test. Hope clouds of uncertainty over state will disappear and things will be clearer tomorrow. Won’t comment on what happened inside the assembly. 33 members who were on our side cast their votes. Want to thank PDF, BSP, UKD.”

Reports are that Rawat-led government got 33 votes whereas BJP got 28 votes.

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