Vegetable prices may increase more

New Delhi: The Industry Chamber Assocham said today that vegetables prices in India’s retail markets are like to increase more due to production season coming to an end.

Assocham on the basis of a study which it has conducted said that there would be “more pressure on the market arrivals of vegetables as production season eases”, on the basis of a “most worrying” trend that saw vegetable prices rising up to 100 per cent in the April-July period due to low arrivals of the harvest in the markets.

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Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India Secretary General D.S. Rawat said in a statement, “There is a huge gap between retail and wholesale price of vegetables. On an all-India average basis, retailers are selling at more than 52.7 per cent of wholesale prices.”

Potato prices increased by about 100 per cent during the April-July period at retail level, over the corresponding period of 2015, followed by cabbage (49.3 per cent), chillies (47.8 per cent), garlic (37 per cent), cauliflower (33.9 per cent), tomato local (26 per cent), tomato hybrid (25.6 per cent), potato fresh (25 per cent), okra (22.3 per cent), and brinjal (20.8 per cent).

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