Vidya Balan is undoubtedly talented: Sujoy Ghosh

Photo of Bollywood director Sujoy Ghosh.

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Vidya Balan have seen many ups and downs in her entire career in the industry but since then today she is emerging as an outstanding performer and that she proved her mettle in the movie ‘Kahaani’ and now she will be doing the sequel of the film titled as ‘Kahaani 2’.

In an interview, director Sujoy Ghosh went on to say that: “I don’t think one can question her talent. Even her performance in the so called bad films was better than that of lot of people I know. Sometimes we all go wrong in choosing scripts. Even I went wrong with ‘Home Delivery’, ‘Aladdin’. I think she chose to do ‘Kahaani’ with the same instinct as other films. Nobody knows whether a film will work or not,” Sujoy told. Sujoy and Vidya surprised audience with their 2012 sleeper super hit of the year ‘Kahaani’. Now the duo is back with ‘Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’ that hits cinema houses on December 2. While writing the second part of ‘Kahaani’, I only had Vidya in mind. ‘Kahaani’ brand is synonymous with Vidya, it is not synonymous with me.

He further went on to say that: “Tomorrow the ‘Kahaani’ will change but Vidya will not. It was always Vidya. The kind of character it is, it demanded Vidya. She was the apt choice. It’s a different story and each film has its own demand. This film demanded Arjun Rampal, so we had him.”

By:- Prishita Rathi

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