Villagers under Azam Khan constituency leading life of aborigines

Photo of village under the district of Rampur city.

Rampur: Villagers in the Parliamentary constituency of Uttar Pradesh Urban Development Minister’s Azam Khan are forced to live life in uncivilized manner.

Village Bhoya Nagla is situated on the bank of river Kosi in the district of Rampur city from where the people of village have to walk three kilometers and later they have to take help of boats to cross river to reach district hospital for treatment purpose.

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The village is lacking from the basic facilities like roads, transport, bridges, water supply and even electricity is not available for the people of the village.

The total population of this village is near about 800 to 1000 people and from among this huge mass population a large number small children’s have to take risk of life to reach their schools.

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There is an urgent need of civic authority’s attention so that this village can bring on the development map as the native city of ruling Samajwadi Party leader Khan is very much developed.

According to some villagers, local administration is making miss use to government money in the name of development and making fun of law and order situation.

Some other villagers told media person that because of Azam is angry from the people of this village because of getting very less number of votes in past Lok Sabha polls and in state assembly elections this might be the reason of backwardness of district and village.

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