Viorica Dancila becomes the first female prime minister of Romania

Viorica Dancila became the first woman Prime Minister of Romania as she and her cabinet were sworn in before the head of state on Monday. 54-year-old had been the Romanian deputy of the European Parliament from the part of Social Democrat Party.

“I hope that with the investiture of the third cabinet proposed by the parliamentary majority, the government hopping will also end, which last year led to the degradation of the social climate, to a mood that can not be beneficial to the development of a society,” Xinhua quoted President Klaus Iohannis as saying.

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Dancila’s cabinet, the third Social Democratic government in less than 13 months, won the vote of confidence in the parliament earlier, with 282 votes in favor, 136 against and one abstention, much more than the required 233 votes.

Dancila announced to have the first meeting with her cabinet members this evening at the Victoria Palace, headquarters of the Romanian Government, with the first government meeting to be held on Wednesday.

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The Social Democrats won more than 45 per cent of the votes in the general elections at the end of 2016. Together with the Alliance of Democrats and Liberals, it has an outright majority of 250 seats in the 465-member parliament.

“My term’s goal is that, in 2020, Romania will be in the top half of the ranking of the strongest economies in the European Union, so that the youth should no longer leave Romania, and those who already left wish to come back home,” Dancila told the parliament before the voting.

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