Virat Kohli lands into yet another controversy

New Delhi: Rising graph of India Test Skipper Virat Kohli’s career served him several accolades, adding on to which, is his recent conscription as a brand ambassador of Premier Futsal League (PFL). Virat, is one of the legendary cricketers India could ever get, he has his own demeanor, making him triumphant in his field. At the same time, he too has had his own share of controversies for his scuffles with a lot of players on the field, for which he has been reprimanded too. But, this time, star cricketer is making news for different reasons.

As reported in a daily, his alliance with PFL hasn’t gone down well with the All India Football Federation (AIFF). The body is questioning his association with the rival league despite being a part owner of the Indian Super League team – FC Goa.

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However, Virat is maintaining a balanced reaction on this, as his management team and PFL organizers are scheduled to organize promotional campaigns for the new league.

Meanwhile PFL organizers are on their foots to fight against AIFF’s ISL by bringing in a few retired Premier League players from top clubs like Manchester United as marquee players for their teams.

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Reaction of AIFF is awaited.