Want To Know The Preventives From Air Pollution?

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New Delhi: Recently World Health Organisation has declared that 90 percent of the world population is breathing ‘polluted air.’

Nobody wants to be a patient of Asthma, Heart Attacks, Lungs, Heart Diseases and many other diseases which occur due to breathing polluted air.

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Here are few things that will help you out to stay healthy and less polluted by following a healthy eating habit and also make a slow and steady change.

1. Stop Smoking! You are harming others too: Do you know that while smoking cigarette, whether indoors or outdoors you not only cause massive air pollution but also harm other people around you and they can be any one your family, friends and strangers.

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2. Stay away from fire burning objects: Yes! Many times it have been seen around us that things like woods and trash are burned. Sometime to clean such trash in one of the most easy, careless way and sometime we burn wood, to use it as a cooking fuel (many people in our country still use wood as a cooking fuel)

3. Avoid Exercising: No, no this do not means stop exercising but avoid outdoor exercising especially areas with traffic which means high level of pollution. Go for a morning walk early, when traffic is less.

4. Use your Gadgets: Track it man! Use your smart phone smartly and track those areas where the pollution level is high and also try to be inside at the time when the pollution is extreme like on busy roads and crowded areas, and try to use less busy or silent lanes and residential areas specially while walking and driving two or three wheelers.

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5. Feed Right and Make your Lungs and Heart Happy: As we all know a cure from inside is the best way of preventing yourself and staying healthy.
Eat foods which are rich with vitamins A, C and Beta-Carotene.

One of the examples of such foods is: Grapefruit, broccoli, papaya, butter, potato, carrots and margarine.

Hope this will help you but do not forget that it is our duty also to make our surroundings cleans and using methods like recycling and by using healthy waste management’s instead of burning everything.

Also, let us come together and support national, state and local efforts to clean all sources of air pollution. We all can then lead a healthy life.

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(Note:- Story by Ishita Chauhan)

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