Want to have a safe and healthy Diwali? Here are some steps!

Photo related to Diwali celebration.

The festive season begins now! Few days to go for Diwali, which is widely celebrated all over India and calls for lots of colours, crackers, lights and sweets. Along with this it also invites health hazards and some unwanted accidents at times. But this doesn’t means that Diwali can’t be safe and happening.

Here are few steps to have a safe and healthy Diwali:-

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1. Consume healthy this season: people’s temptation for sweets, which sometimes land them into health issues. Low-calorie sweets are just the right substitute to the heavy ghee sweets.

2. Drinking lots of water will flush out toxins which our body has build up by eating unhealthy snacks and sweets. Carrying earplugs will help in preventing ear damage caused by the loud fireworks and the noise can result into increase heart rate in old persons. Henceforth it is advised to carry earplugs.

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3. Avoid clothes made from inflammables like nylon as this will prevent any kind of fire accidents.

4. Asthma patients should avoid air polluted areas as they could suffer from suffocation and this will lead to complicated health problems. Carrying anti-pollution masks would be helpful and would prevent health issues.

5. Keep a first aid box with you which would prevent major complications in case of an accident and as rightly said “Prevention is better than cure”.

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By- Prishita Rathi