Want to have a curvaceous hot body like Sunny Leone? Here’s her diet plan!

Photo of Bollywood diva Sunny Leone.

Mumbai: The modern day stunner and bombshell actress Sunny Leone has managed to captivate the hearts of billions of people all around the world. With her fresh beauty and curvaceous body, she is envied for her toned physique and good complexion, which she is able to maintain even after leading a hectic lifestyle. But this takes in a lot of effort by working hard in gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is one of the actresses who have a perfect physique and is admired for her perfect body.

So, if you want a hot body just like Sunny check out her diet plan:-

Apart from Sunny’s hectic schedule she is really serious about working out in gym at least twice or thrice a week. She is the strong believer of working hard and that being lazy and working out once a week won’t do at all instead regular work out is necessary to have a fit body.

The B-town diva does cardio for about 45 minutes and another secret being her fitness is meditation and yoga. The actress performs yoga on a daily basis for about 30 minutes to keep her body, mind and soul calm and relaxed. Sunny also is a fan of walking and suggests women walk for 20 minutes daily to stay energetic throughout the day.

The actress says a big no to junk food and prefers to have healthy food like salad, fresh fruits, veggies, egg yolks, chicken etc. The breakfast includes toast, milk and egg yolks while lunch is healthy that includes vegaetables, chicken salad and fruit salad.

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While, she keeps herself hydrated by drinking lots of water and as we all know that drinking lots of water everyday keeps our skin glowing and has many other benefits. The actress also prefers coconut water as it helps to flush out harmful toxins from the body.

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