Watch raunchy video of Poonam Pandey ‘Jingle Boobs’ on Christmas

Photo of actress Poonam Pandey released new video 'Jingle Boobs' on Christmas festival.

Mumbai: Sexy Poonam Pandey launched her raunchy video ‘Jingle Boobs’ for her fans on the occasion of Christmas festival.

The Bollywood starlet has shared a teaser to her raunchy Christmas 2015 video. Cheesily called Poonam Pandey’s ‘Jingle Boobs’, it will give you extremely hot feeling in this winter season.

All the Nasha starlet does in this Christmas video is jiggle her boobs! Eww! But of course, Poonam is not topless. She is flaunting her assets in two different bras-a red one and a white one, while wearing a Christmas topi.

But some teenagers and sex-starved guys will surely love Poonam in this avatar-it’s nothing like she has done before. But how could she even do it? Imagine if her family sees this! But then, we are sure her male fans will ogle at the babe in this video and wouldn’t mind it.

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Poonam tweeted, “Jingle Boobs..Jingle Boobs..Jingle all the way #PoonamPandeyasSexySanta.”

She has been tweeting incessantly about her Christmas 2015 video and retweeting from her fans. But in all this, it seems Poonam Pandey is desperate to gain more fans and maybe some movies. She is also not looking happy and her skin is also not smooth as should be of an actor.

Watch the video ‘Jingle Boobs’ of Poonam Pandey on the occasion of Christmas festival:

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