Watch video of alert train driver saves woman’s life

Photo related to the news of alert local train driver saves woman's life.

Mumbai: A miracle came into limelight that happened yesterday when a commuter shot a video showing how an alert drive of a Mumbai local train saved a life of woman by applying brakes at a right time at the Charni Road station in South Mumbai, which is getting viral in on social media Youtube.

Basically in this 46 second video that came into limelight recently, but the actual incident that took place nearly two months back on December 6th last year which is getting viral on Youtube and after watching it the Western Railway officials have decided to give reward to the motorman Santosh Kumar Gautam.

It is clearly seen in the video that an unidentified woman who is in her age of fifties is seen walking on the railways tracks at around 12:10 am post midnight with the Churchgate-bound fast local train driven by Gautam which was approaching the Charni Road station with the speed of 70-kmph, halted in the nick line of time, just inches from the woman who was walking on the tracks unmindful of the coming train.

The Motorman sounded horn, but she did not hear and continued walking. Brakes were applied and the train came to a halt barely inches from her.

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After, the train stopped right before the woman, people on the platform helped pull her up to pull her on the platform.

Watch video of alert train driver saves woman’s life here:

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