Watch video of sexy American model playing tennis in bikini

Photo of American model Elizabeth Anne playing tennis in bikini.

Los Angeles: A stunning model from America Elizabeth Anne is making lots of news now days as she appeared in a video playing some hard shots of Lawn Tennis game on the court in bikini.

The video this model catching eye of many on internet world as it has been watched by millions of people playing tennis.

The model, who resides in Los Angeles, is hitting headlines after filming with Live Rich Media.

Elizabeth Anne is pictured in a bikini for most of the video shoot, practicing her backhand shots on a tennis court.

But it’s unlikely she’ll make it to Wimbledon this year as her technique is a little off.

That hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of people watching the flick-which is currently doing the rounds on Facebook.

Fans might be in luck as, from Elizabeth’s recent posts, it would seem the star is currently single.

International web media found the model on Instagram and she goes by the name Ms Elizabeth Anne official.

She commented: “Busy day and feeling very tired. Long shoot today for an adult bikini company.

“Try having a g-string up your b**t for 12 hours in a studio of mostly all men and tell me how tired you’d feel lol.”

The star looked confident and happy as she posed for the shot. Instagram users commented on the snap telling the star how lovely she looked, and some forward-fans even asked her for her mobile number.

And she let fans have an insight into life with large breasts in another shot of her in a bikini – saying: “Fun day with family at the water park. Sometimes big boobs are so annoying lol!”

The model is now the girl on everyone’s lips and it would seem she’s about to be an overnight star.

See the video of the star playing the ball game in a teeny tiny bikini: