Over-weighted teenagers are likely to suffer from stroke

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Children who pile on weight during their adolescence are 80% more likely to suffer from stroke as adults.

As per the new study, who have excessive BMI increase from childhood to 20 years of age had a higher risk of suffering from stroke than those who have average increase in BMI.

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According to the study, “For every two-point increase in BMI, men were 20% more likely to have a stroke. Men, who were overweight at both time points, were 70% more likely to have a stroke. Of the 990 people in this group, 36 had a stroke, or 3.6%.”

The study followed those 37,699 men of an average age of 38 years, out of which 918 suffer from stroke.

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Researchers say that it is high blood pressure, known to weaken blood vessels in the brain, which raises the risk of having a stroke.