West Bengal Congress MLAs swear allegiance to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul

Kolkata: Following Congress’ poll debacle in the recently concluded Assembly Elections in West Bengal, the party in the state has supposedly asked the newly elected MLAs to swear allegiance to the party president Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

As per reports of a leading daily, the state’s Congress chief Adhir Chowdhury has asked the MLAs to sign an undertaking on a Rs 100 stamp paper ‘swearing allegiance’ to the party which is led by the Gandhi scions.

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In the West Bengal Assembly Elections 2016, Congress contested in alliance with the Left. Along with this, they were also asked to give an undertaking that they would not go against the party and become part of the anti-party activity. Reports are that the decision on the same was taken unanimously by the legislators, district presidents, state party leaders and Chowdhury who made the MLAs sign the undertaking.

Talking on the same, Chowdhury said, “It is not a bond which we have forced people (to sign) to take action against them if they fail to live up to the conditions. It is more of a voluntary pledge by partymen as a gesture of their allegiance. As far as voicing their concerns, there is and will always be ample scope for it within the party because there can always be disagreements. Just that they should not tom-tom it.”

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Also, the two-page stamp paper supposedly states, “I do swear my unqualified allegiance to Indian National Congress led by Hon’ble Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji and Hon’ble Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi Ji. I as a member of the legislative assembly, will not get involved in any anti-party activity. Even if I do not agree with any party policy and/or party decision, I will not make any negative comment thereon and/or I shall not take any negative action to the detriment of the party. In such a scenario, I shall resign from my post of MLA before making such comment and/or taking such action.”