Don’t worry if home button of your new iPhone 7 stops working! Here’s an option for you

New York: Apple’s iPhone 7 has a new feature that many of you might not be knowing. It has a virtual alternative that turns on automatically if the physical button fails to perform and this gives you a second option to use in case the home button of your new iPhone 7 stops working.

As per the information given by the Apple-tracking website MacRumors, the virtual home button sits neatly at the bottom of the iPhone 7’s screen. With the new iOS 10 in place, the iPhone 7 screen displays a message, saying that “Home Button may need service and “onscreen Home Button” can be used in the meantime. While the feature is technically hidden, it can be  turned on whenever the physical Home Button malfunctions.

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“With the introduction of the iPhone 7, Apple did away with the classic click-mechanism home button in favour of a ‘solid-state’ pressure sensitive one that uses haptic feedback to mimic traditional button presses,” the report added.

“It also vibrates when a user presses the button, so he or she knows its features have been activated,” Fortune reported on Tuesday.

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