Whatsapp to launch it’s new feature

Photo of the logo of Whatsapp.

We want our smartphones do all our PCs can do but in many cases, it becomes impossible as certain files on the smartphones cannot be sent or viewed. Therefore, whatsapp has taken the initiative to bridge the gap by allowing the users to send all kind of files, with some restrictions.

According to the sources, whatsapp will soon be introducing this new feature to the iOS and Android users. Besides that, the update would not come through the App Store or Google Play Store. Rather, whatsapp will be quietly updating the app on their own.

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Initially, whatsapp will only be testing this feature on a selected group of users, and will update the app at any time.

Besides this, whatsapp will be keeping its file size limitation such as, 128 MB for iOS and 100 MB for Android and for the desktop users, it will be limited upto 64 MB.

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