Will ‘Anti-Romeo Squad’ change mindset of actual ‘Romeos’?

Anti Romeo squad would have been more effective had it been implemented in such a way that women police officials should be deployed in such a way that they travel in buses, auto and train to find out the problems of women and girls traveling alone.

Catching random people on the basis of dresses and guess work will not provide the ground level relief. Yes, this can lessen the nuisance on the roads as of now.

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There has been huge debate on social media regarding the process been followed by the police officials. Several people have demanded that if they are with their colleagues and friends even then are they not entitled to roam around.

On the other hand the girls traveling alone in bus, auto have the opinion that there should be some effective measure taken for their security as these romeos are not necessarily present in parks or roads they may be anywhere.

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The mindset has to be changed and for that there has to be a comprehensive study needed to make sure that women are not been assaulted anywhere, be it on the way or the workplace or the education centers for that matter.