Woman telecasts her live pregnancy video on Facebook

Photo of London based woman Sarah Jayne Ljungstrom who telecasts her live pregnancy video on Facebook.

London: A London based 35-year-old woman, Sarah Jayne Ljungstrom recently broadcast her live pregnancy video while delivering baby on her Facebook page to show reality of a normal birth to about 200,000 strangers.

According to a report, Ljungstrom is a director of an ad-agency, switched on the camera just after her water broke while eating pizza at home.

She posted five videos showing live contractions and updates as her baby “moved down the birth canal” during her 24-hour labour.

Her idea behind sharing the video of her labour pain was to show the other pregnant women how it went.

She added that she always looked for help and advice especially about the big things like labour and feeding that she was anxious about.

Ljungstrom who hails from London’s Richmond gave birth to her third child, later named her newborn daughter Eveline.

Watch the video Brave vlogger mum broadcasts her labour on Facebook Live: