Women should be free, selfish: Swara Bhaskar on International Women’s Day

Photo of Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar.

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar today on the occasion of International Women’s Day advised all the women out there to be free without thinking about people and moreover be selfish from now on wards and don’t let anyone suppress your wishes and dreams.

While talking at the Delhi Commission for Women Annual Awards that honored her for being bold enough to talk about her views on women issues, she went on to say: “In a developing society, why isn’t the traditional mindset sparing us? Be shameless and free of the burden of these values. Be selfish now onwards.”

She also stated that the society still cannot change their mindset and will be different for boys and girls but we being girls should not let any come in our way and be selfish without thinking about the reaction of other people.

The actress further went on to say: “The values in the society still remain different for boys and girls. We women are told to suppress our wishes and dreams. Don’t burden yourself with any such values anymore. Be free! Don’t think about how people will react, if you do so. That’ll be great for the whole society.”

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