WOOH! Katy Perry has 90 mn followers on Twitter, most by any on the planet

Singer Katy Perry is now the most followed person on Twitter with 90 million followers. The micro-blogging site Twitter now has Katy situated at the top as the most followed person in this entire planet.

Twitter announced this feat by posting a photograph of the 31-year-old singer with captioned image: “It’s party time, Katy Perry! With 90 million on the guest list, we are going to need a really big dance floor”.

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Responding to the tweet, Perry retweeted the message and wrote, “Dang this is tight.”

Katy Perry became part of Twitter in the year 2009. The second and the third spot for the person with maximum number of followers on Twitter are occupied by Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift with 83.8 million and 79 million followers respectively.

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