Word feminist has been bastardized: Priyanka Chopra

Mumbai: Feminism is the most misunderstood word of today’s era. Where some believe it to be the advocacy of the women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes, others believe it as an agenda to berate men. Amidst all this, what we oversee is, almost after several centuries, women have finally united to stand against prejudiced patriarchal norms of this society. What is even more excruciating is that some women shy away from being tagged as a ‘Feminist’.

Some biggies of the Bollywood like Priyanka Chopra,  Parineeti Chopra and Lisa Hayden took to their social media accounts to get verbal about their feelings, in an attempt to chastise away from getting categorized as feminist, which brought them enough unsolicited rage from ‘Feminist’ around the country.

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Priyanka Chopra, leading lady of ‘Quantico’, maintained that her show was not feminist. After which she was seen retorting her previous comment during an interview to the daily, as she said that she believes in women power and is a feminist.

Today, PeeCee came up with an entirely different notion saying, “I don’t say things just because I’m a feminist and I believe in woman power. That word (feminist) has been bastardized; there’s no respect to it anymore. I’m not berating men.”

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The actress adds that she is not being brash men.